Birch Lane Beds
Spoken matches Birch Lane products across 100s of stores to find you the best price.

Birch Lane Beds

For anyone who longs for the simpler, country life - no matter where they might actually be based - beds from Birch Lane can help create a rustic sanctuary to retreat to each night. With inpsired designs that evoke a farmhouse feel, these beds can help serve as the inspiration for a bedroom space that lets you leave your worries at the door. And one of those worries you can leave behind is whether you're paying too much for that perfect bed frame. Spoken has taken all the work out of the process, searching through online retailers to bring the best deals to you, ensuring you never pay more than you have to.

For a Rustic, Elevated Bed Choose Birch Lane

For many, a rustic, farmhouse vibe for the bedroom is the perfect way to leave your cares at the door after a long day - no matter how urban your life may be. If that style appeals to you, beds from Birch Lane might be a perfect fit. With a wide range of styles that all harken back to that classic country design, these beds bring their own unique feel into a space. Whether your idea of "country" means clean lines with a wooden slat headboard, upholstered beds, or highly decorated carvings, there is a bed that can fit into your space. When styling your rustic bed, you'll want to think about doing it in layers for the best effect. Start with your sheets, which you want to fit well on the bed, and lay flat, creating a smooth surface to start. Then layer on your duvet or bedspread, followed by your sham pillows along the headboard or wall, and then your regular pillows. Add a few throw pillows to bring in additional colors or textures, and finally, toss a quilt or blanket across the bottom to complete the look.
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