What spoken.io Provides to Voice Tech & AI Companies and Developers

spoken.io leverages a network of native speakers spanning 30+ countries to provide structured speech data from:

  • Educated native speakers of dozens of languages

  • Native English speech from major English speaking countries

  • Accented English speech of various degrees originating from dozens of native languages

  • Speech data from sterile noise environments and real life settings


How spoken.io does it better, faster, cheaper


Instead of paying freelancers or leveraging subcontractors to collect speech data, Spoken provides unique language learning solutions to a large international audience.


Spoken’s bots deliver unique, customizable scripts specified to our customers’ needs-- speech data collection for clients’ requests can begin within 24 hours of request.


Spoken automatically collects, tags, and annotates the speech data to provide to companies and developers building voice tech and voice-based AI solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can spoken.io help?

spoken.io can help any business that needs speech data to develop their product. Common use cases include voice-based smart assistants and any AI-based product that requires a large amount of speech training data to develop their algorithms.

What languages, accents, and dialects do you support?

spoken.io can begin collecting data from English, accented English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese speakers within 24 hours of a request.   Spoken also has access to communities of speakers from over 20 additional countries and can also facilitate requests for additional languages with more lead time.

Why is spoken.io more affordable than traditional speech data collection and annotating companies?

spoken.io doesn’t hire freelancers or crowdsourced populations and doesn’t subcontract projects out.  We leverage our existing community of international speakers who benefits from receiving advanced pronunciation and linguistic feedback delivered very efficiently via our innovative language learning platform and methodology.

How can I get in touch with the spoken.io team?

You can contact us via the below form and a member of our team will be in touch with you ASAP!


spoken.io is backed by Techstars, one of the largest investors in technology companies!


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