How assists AI & voice tech engineers and data scientists gamifies human intelligence to more efficiently and affordably complete your data collection & annotation tasks:



  • Transcription & annotation of your captured speech data across dozens of languages

  • Sentiment & semantic annotation of customer service & sales interactions

  • Collection and labeling of social media posts & interactions across languages


  • Collect spontaneous, scripted, and conversational speech customized to your needs

  • Collect English speech data across dozens of native and non-native accents

  • Collect custom speech data across dozens of foreign languages


  • Image tagging, categorization, and descriptions for images and other visual data

  • Video & image collection crowdsourced from our international community


How works: The first gamified data collection & annotation platform


Traditionally data collection and annotation companies incur large costs obtaining and compensating speech providers, transcribers, labelers, and quality checkers.

AdobeStock_125260315.jpeg, however, gamifies the data collection, annotation, and quality checking processes via our unique language learning solutions.


As our international audience engages with our solutions, they complete speech delivery and annotation tasks that help data scientists reach conclusions faster and developers build better AI and voice tech at significantly reduced rates.

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