Accent Chairs: The Ultimate Guide

Accent Chairs: The Ultimate Guide

By exploring the form, function, and fashionably fun qualities of various accent chairs, this guide to accent chairs and armchairs will help you finally decide which chair to buy for your space—and feel confident in your choice.


Accent chairs are unique because they add a touch of form and function to your home decor. They provide stylish seating in any space you gather, from the living room to the porch. You can even choose a little corner of your bedroom, dining room, or kids' room to place an accent chair, perfect for curling up with a book, conversing, or inviting guests to sit and stay for a while.

When you think of accent chairs, which ones do you remember the most? You likely remember where you were during many of your most memorable moments—the chair beneath you, the carpet's color, the ceiling fan's hum, and the voices in the kitchen.

When thinking about accent chairs, the first ones that come to mind for me are:

  • A recliner I sat in while learning to read,
  • The upholstered chair in my grandparents' family room with lion heads carved into the arms, perfect for watching TV, taking a nap, or playing,
  • Cozy leather armchairs in my favorite therapist's waiting room,
  • Wicker accent chairs with floral cushions lining my grandmother's screen porch, with plenty of seating for as many people as she could squeeze in,
  • And little black and red butterfly chairs my husband and I picked out for our first apartment.

As you furnish your home, you set the stage for the unforgettable moments you create for yourself and others. Will your home's special moments be surrounded by colorful accent chairs, the prettiest art deco arm chair you've ever seen, or a cozy floral accent chair you scored from Facebook Marketplace?

You may want to create a visual focus point in your apartment or house or add functional, stylish seating options. By exploring the form, function, and fashionably fun qualities of various accent chairs, this guide to accent chairs and armchairs will help you finally decide which chair to buy for your space—and feel confident in your choice.

red and beige chair, Photo by eduard / Unsplash
Where you choose to place an accent chair matters.

Glance around your home to spot any empty spaces that need an accent chair: a perfectly sunny nook that needs a comfy chair for reading, a room that needs a recliner or egg chair for relaxing, a swivel chair for work, or a pop of color to tie the room's design scheme together. Make a note of each room or space that needs a chair, and feel free to take some notes while perusing this article.

Let's start with the different types of accent chairs. We've ordered them from most popular to most original so you can see which accent chairs are most in style at the moment—and which might help you create a more original furniture aesthetic.


Armchairs are popular because they come in many styles. Most commonly spotted in living rooms and bedrooms, armchairs are more comfortable and supportive than other decorative accent chairs.

armchair with teal and navy tweed upholstery; reading chair; coastal swivel armchair in beige polyester with plush down cushions
Teal Tweed Armchair & Beige Swivel Armchair with Down Cushions

Form: An armchair is typically upholstered and always has supports for the arms or elbows.

Function: Upholstered armchairs will fit perfectly—as long as you measure first!—into many of your favorite spaces in your home. A few of the best functions of an armchair include: 

  • Adding extra seating to living areas, perfect for creating conversational arrangements or cozy reading nooks. 
  • Providing space in a home office for informal meetings with clients or visitors. 
  • Creating a little relaxation corner wherever you have extra space in your home—perhaps your bedroom, dining room, entryway, or sunroom. 

Now that you know what armchairs look like and their purposes, how can you use them in your home decor to add a touch of fun, play, and style to your space? Great question! 

Fashion & Fun!: Accent chairs come in many textures, styles, and shapes, making your home feel inviting and visually appealing. Choose a pop of color in a retro or an art deco armchair. Colorful accent chairs can draw attention and add character. Which corner in your home would make a cozy reading nook or stylish space for hosting guests? That is the perfect corner for a colorful, artsy, or patterned accent chair! 

Wingback Chairs

A wingback accent chair is highly popular because it is elegant and comfortable. Wingback chairs are perfect for rooms where you relax, entertain, or read. They are traditional chairs but extra stylish and unique, so they are appealing choices, especially for people who like a traditional or transitional furniture style. 

Blue velvet accent chair with high wingback and nailhead trim; accent chair with birch legs; mahogany wood and wicker wingback accent chair for coastal home design; accent chair with down cushions
Blue Velvet Wingback Accent Chair & Coastal Wicker Wingback Accent Chair

Form: the “wings” of wingback chairs were originally designed to protect people from drafts in older homes, but the style has remained because it is elegant and dramatic. Whether you choose a more elegantly styled wingback chair or a coastal accent chair, it is a cozy and stylish statement piece for your living room, sun porch, or family room. 

Function: the enclosed design and padded upholstery make wingback chairs perfect relaxing spots, offering privacy and serving as a statement piece in your living room, bedroom, library, or office. 

Fashion & Fun!: Single wingback accent chairs come in many styles, prints, and colors. You can make a fun statement by choosing a wingback chair (or two!) in your favorite colors, prints, or patterns. Friends and family will love your stylish statement accent chairs.

Slipper Chairs

Slipper chairs are excellent armchairs for small spaces. You may think of your entryway, the corner of your bedroom, or other small spaces in your home. You can use colorful slipper accent chairs to create stylish conversational areas in your home, perfect for visiting with friends or entertaining guests.

fuchsia pink velvet tufted slipper chair; colorful accent chairs; transitional black and white slipper chair with oak finished birch wood legs; retro armless accent chairs; 50s and 60s accent chairs; aesthetic furniture
Fuchsia Velvet Slipper Chair & Black and White Striped Slipper Chair

Form: Slipper chairs are notorious for their sleek, armless design and low seat height, which makes them perfect for modern and contemporary home decor styles. They are generally well-padded, so you can enjoy the stylish aesthetic of slipper chairs without sacrificing comfort. 

Function: In the 18th century, slipper chairs were used in ladies’ dressing rooms because they were low to the ground for putting on shoes or slippers. Slipper chairs tend to be on the smaller side for accent chairs; they can be moved around easily, so you can try them out in your living room, dining room, entryway, or bedroom to see what works best for now—then you can move them around whenever you like. 

Fashion & Fun!: The fuchsia and black and white striped armchairs we have shared as examples of slipper chairs we love are great ways to add fun and style to your home. Pair them together, or choose another pair of statement slipper chairs to create a fun conversation space or extra seating in your favorite small room. We love helping you love your small space by curating furniture that makes you feel joyful. 

Club Chairs

Club chairs offer deeper seats than many other accent chairs. Often upholstered in leather, club chairs are durable and attractive for living rooms and offices. They are luxurious accent chairs, adding a sense of elegance that is perfect for those who embrace traditional or transitional interior design styles. 

gray velvet upholstered club chair with gold nailhead trim; rustic, transitional slightly distressed leather accent chair in light brown leather with exposed nailhead trim; corner accent chairs; timeless accent chairs
Gray Velvet Club Chair with Nailhead Trim & Light Brown Top-Grain Leather Club Chair

Form: Made popular in gentlemen’s clubs, the club chair has a timeless design that fits the aesthetic of contemporary or traditional home interiors. You can spot them by their deep, cushioned seats and ample seating space, which makes them one of the most comfortable accent chairs for long periods of sitting. 

Function: A club chair can offer a comfortable and stylish seating option for your family and friends in the living room. It may also be ideal for working or reading in an office or library.

Fashion & Fun!: Club chairs are generally upholstered in leather, but you may also find them in velvet or other fabrics. They are often more expensive because they are some of the largest, coziest accent chairs. So, we really enjoy finding amazing deals on club chairs. For example, you can save over $5,000 on a quality leather club chair [pictured above] when you shop Spoken online. Style + savings = our kind of fun! 

Barrel Chairs

If you have a more modern or eclectic design style, a barrel chair is a popular choice that will add a distinctive look to your living room, bedroom, or office. You’ve probably seen barrel accent chairs in both formal and casual spaces because they are versatile and ideal for smaller spaces where you may not be able to fit a large chair. 

oatmeal top-grain leather barrel accent chair with walnut frame and cane detailing; faux leather barrel chair and ottoman with black legs; traditional accent chairs
Oatmeal Leather and Wood Barrel Chair & Espresso Faux Leather Barrel Chair and Ottoman

Form: You can tell a barrel chair by its rounded back, cocoon-like feel, and thick cushions and upholstery. These chairs look like they’re made to be curled up in with a good book!

Function: Many barrel chairs swivel, so they can also work well in nurseries or home offices. They can help you focus, rock the baby to sleep, or both. Barrel chairs also offer a stylish focal point in any space inside your home. Also, you can easily match them to other furniture because they come in many colors, styles, and fabrics. Barrel accent chairs can easily accompany other furniture in a mid-century modern, traditional, contemporary, or transitional-style home. Even eclectic, art-deco types like the barrel chair, especially when it’s upholstered in some brightly colored velvet. 

Fashion & Fun!: Even neutral-colored barrel chairs draw people in because they want to see if they feel as comfy as they look. Make that experience even more exciting by choosing colorful accent chairs. Who else has a lavender velvet accent chair in their living room or a chic blush pink barrel chair in their bedroom? Barrel chairs come in every color of the rainbow, and we have found the best deals on all of them. What could be more fun than that?! 


Reclining accent chairs are best known for their comfort and functionality. You can find delicate, charming recliners that blend traditional and modern furniture styles. And, of course, there are many cozy traditional recliners with upgrades such as massage features and USB ports. 

oversized birch recliner with dark wood legs and button-tufted upholstery; contemporary memory foam recliner with power operated recliner, USB port, and massage features; reclining accent chairs for living room
Button-Tufted Beige Recliner & Contemporary Massage Recliner with Heat & USB Port

Form: You can always tell a recliner by its ability to recline, making it more versatile and comfortable than many other accent chairs. 

Function: Reclining chairs are notorious for providing relaxing, nap-friendly spaces in living areas other than the bedroom. They are convenient and save space when the footrest isn’t extended. With the pull of a lever or the push of a button in modern powered recliners, you can go from sitting upright to lying back. 

Fashion & Fun!: While the traditional recliner styles were bulkier, they were sturdy and very comfortable. Many new and exciting recliner styles, including wall-hugger recliners, do not require as much space between the chair and the wall for reclining. New recliners are more aesthetically appealing. Designers today create more ergonomic, compact, and contemporary recliners.

Tufted Chairs

The category of tufted chairs can overlap with many other popular accent chair categories. There are many tufted wingback chairs, club chairs, slipper chairs, armchairs, and so on. The tufting on these accent chairs usually makes them appear more elegant and refined than others. 

teal transitional accent chair with diamond tufting and elegant nailhead trim; faux leather side chair for dining table; dining room accent chairs; dining table accent chairs; tufted accent chairs; kitchen accent chairs
Teal Diamond Tufted Accent Chair & Gray Faux Leather Upholstered Side Chair

Form: Tufted chairs can come in various styles and sizes, but they all have one common feature: the trademark button tufting that creates a series of depressions or “tufts” in the fabric design. 

Function: Aesthetic appeal, durability, and shape retention are some of the major functions of accent chairs—aside from sitting, of course! You can create a focal point in the living room or use tufted chairs to provide comfortable and aesthetic seating options in your dining room, office, or bedroom. We love trying tufted accent chairs in spaces where we want to elevate the style with a small furniture change. 

Fashion & Fun!: Counter stools and dining chairs are often tufted, creating a more luxurious and refined feeling in your kitchen or dining room. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy these styles. They come in many different price ranges, colors, styles, etc. Explore accent chairs that combine tufting with nailhead trim for extra aesthetic appeal.

Swivel Chairs

Many of the types of chairs in this guide can also swivel. Desk chairs are the OG spinning chairs, but you can enjoy many comfortable (and cute!) chair styles today that also swivel. Swivel barrel chairs, gliders, and other swivel armchairs can offer stylish and comfy seats for working, reading, or relaxing. 

cream patterned swivel chair; bedroom accent chair; cream colored accent chairs; office accent chair; contemporary red desk chair; accent desk chair
Aesthetic Cream Swivel Chair & Celtic Red Swivel Arm Chair

Form: As a child, you may have called it a “spinny chair,” or maybe that was just me. But, a swivel chair is best known for its ability to spin or swivel. They turn quickly, which makes them ideal for small spaces where you need to change positions without changing seats. 

Function: Swivel chairs are among the most useful and adorable accent chair styles. You can use them as office chairs or add casual seating to your living room, family room, or bedroom. As far as neutral colors go, a modern brown velvet swivel chair can add a touch of class to your urban oasis, or you can enjoy a plush and cozy brown leather barrel chair—that swivels, of course—in your main living space or home office.

Fashion & Fun!: They’re some of the cutest chairs on this list and almost certainly provide the most fun! A swivel chair adds an element of playfulness to your work and brightens otherwise boring conversations. People of all ages enjoy swivel (AKA "spinny") chairs, from young children to adults who appreciate them for their functionality. Or fun-ctionality. Sorry, couldn't resist!

Armless Accent Chairs

Armless accent chairs are practical, stylish, and versatile, which is why they have become increasingly popular. They are ideal for smaller spaces and appeal to those who enjoy modern minimalist home decor styles. Comfortable, cost-effective, and popular for various environments, we love seeing all the unique armless chair styles today—and we especially love helping you find the perfect armless accent chair on Spoken! 

White velvet barrel accent chair; modern white accent chair; faux leather armless accent chair with a curved metal frame; industrial faux leather accent chair
Elegant Armless White Accent Chair & Industrial Leatherette Armless Accent Chair

Form: An armless accent chair is similar to many other accent chairs but lacks one important feature: the arms! Even so, there are many styles of armless chairs. Parsons chairs and slipper chairs are a couple of popular armless chairs. Still, their sleek silhouette makes them all visually exciting and easy to include in your furniture layout, even in a small apartment or home. 

Function: Having no arms allows these chairs to be used in more spaces in the home. For example, you could use armless chairs as dining chairs around a formal dining table or tuck a couple into the corner of the dining room for additional seating. In the bedroom, armless chairs provide dressing space. In your home office, you can use an armless accent chair as a desk chair or create a designated conversation area in a small space. 

Fashion & Fun!: Research different types of armless chairs—or whichever style you like—and you will likely find plenty of unique varieties and more traditional items. The only way to really know what’s out there is to browse your favorite furniture sites, like Spoken! One example is this unique hourglass tufted armless accent chair in a multicolored floral-inspired upholstery. Now, that’s a statement chair—and a price difference—to write home about. 

Parsons Chairs

One type of armless accent chair is called a Parsons chair. These are popular because they offer a simple, elegant shape and style. However, you can add an artistic flair by choosing a Parsons chair—or a whole set of them—in your favorite color or upholstery style. Colorful accent chairs are popular, and the Parsons armless accent chair can suit every home decor style, from traditional to modern. 

black Parsons chairs for dining room; modern grid tufted black dining chairs; kitchen accent chairs; yellow tufted Parsons chairs; yellow accent chairs for dining room
Black Faux Leather Parsons Side Chairs & Tufted Yellow Linen Parsons Chairs

Form: Clean lines and simple details are the qualities we know and love best about Parsons chairs. Less bulky than other styles, Parsons chairs are great accent chairs for small apartments or homes. Padded, upholstered seats and backs are also quite common in Parsons chairs. 

Function: Parsons chairs combine a stylish design with comfortable features, making them perfect for dining rooms, added seating in living rooms or family rooms, and other high-traffic areas in your home. You can use a Parsons chair as a vanity, dining, or desk chair for your home office. 

Fashion & Fun!: Many interior design magazines and websites showcase the versatility and appeal of Parsons chairs, whether you’re tastefully mismatching dining chairs or dressing up your dining room with upholstered chairs, which Spoken shoppers love to do. 

Chesterfield Chairs

The Chesterfield chair is popular in traditional, classic, and eclectic interior design. You will likely find these in a living room, office, library, or classy commercial space. 

Midnight Black Velvet Chesterfield Chair & Elegant Gray Chesterfield Chair

Form: Luxurious and stately, Chesterfield Chairs are easy to spot. They tend to have deep button-tufted upholstery, rolled arms, and nailhead trim. Their sophistication and vintage charm inspire their owners. Because they tend to be larger, you will want to measure to be sure that they will fit in your space. 

Function: A pair of Chesterfield Chairs can form a stately conversation space in your home office or living area. They create a beautiful focal point in a room, especially when you choose an elegant velvet gem tone or faux leather Chesterfield chair. You can pair them with Chesterfield sofas to create a stylish and lovely seating arrangement in sitting or living rooms. If you want to go the extra style mile, you can place a Chesterfield chair at the head of your dining table to create a unique dining room arrangement. 

Fashion & Fun!: The uniqueness of Chesterfield chairs makes them a great choice for eclectic and contemporary home decor lovers, even though they are more traditional accent chairs. Add an extra layer of fun by choosing your home decor theme and then styling your Chesterfield chair with throw pillows, blankets, rugs, and side tables to suit. Style with a steel coffee table and pipe shelving if you’re into industrial chic style, or accent your new chair with a crystal chandelier and an antique side table if you want a vintage glamour theme. There are many fun options when styling a Chesterfield chair! 

Egg Chairs

An egg chair is a modern curved accent chair. It looks a bit futuristic but feels more natural—like curling up into your very own cocoon. Designed in 1958, the egg chair is a quintessential mid-century modern chair.

Boho Wicker Rattan Egg Lounge Chair & Cream Rattan and Metal Hanging Lounge Chair

Form: An egg chair's curvy, organic form is its trademark. Most egg chairs are oval in shape, but others are round. They can also be freestanding, like the one with the blue cushion above, or suspended from a ceiling or stand, like the circular rattan egg chair with the cream cushion. 

Function: The egg chair is the ultimate chair for relaxing in style, whether on your porch, patio, or your favorite sunny corner of your home. Since many of these chairs are wicker, they make lovely outdoor seating in your garden or near the pool. If you use it outside, take some precautions to protect your egg chair from the elements. And enjoy! It’s a great alternative to a hammock for relaxing outdoors. 

Fashion & Fun!: Of all the accent chairs, this one screams ‘relaxation!’ the loudest. Your guests will enjoy trying out your egg chair, which will help create an inspiring visual aesthetic whether you place it inside or outside. Choose colorful cushions or throw pillows that will express your personal style. More color = more fun! 

Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs are favored accent chairs from the living room to the nursery. Perfect for visitors to sit and relax and ideal for rocking your baby to sleep, rocking chairs are functional, relaxing, and often evoke a sense of nostalgia and comfort. When I think of rocking chairs, I think of my grandmother’s antique rocking chairs. They were fun to rock in and unique because they represented many years of family tradition. 

Traditional Black Rocking Chair & Caramel Mid-Century Rocking Chair

Form: A rocking chair’s defining feature is its curved legs, which allow people to rock back and forth while sitting in the chair. However, rocking chairs can come in traditional, transitional, and mid-century styles. 

Function: Whether you need to calm a baby or your own anxiety, a rocking chair can beautifully handle both tasks. Whether in the nursery, on the porch, in your living room, or your bedroom, a rocking chair is ideal for relaxation. 

Fashion & Fun!: if you don’t have an antique rocking chair, you can enjoy the process of choosing a rocking accent chair that is special to you. You can select a traditional-style rocking chair or a more modern style, upholstery that brings you joy and a design that appeals to your furniture aesthetic. Then, you can rock to your heart’s content. 

Chaise Lounges

A chaise lounge is another indoor-outdoor accent chair style. Popular in bedrooms, living rooms, and outdoor spaces for lounging, chaise lounges lend their stylishness to your home decor while offering a comfortable spot to sprawl out and rest. 

White Contemporary Swivel Chaise Lounge & Elegant Blue Velvet Chaise Lounge

Form: A chaise lounge is a long chair with an extended seat to support the legs, perfect for reclining. Chaise lounges come in many styles for indoor and outdoor, ranging from elegant faux leather and plush cotton to teak acacia wood chaise lounge chairs with water-resistant cushions for outdoor use. 

Function: No matter the style, the function is the same. Chaise lounges are usually for—you guessed it!—lounging. You can also use a chaise lounge as: 

  • a break area in your home office. 
  • a comfortable place to watch movies or play video games. 
  • a place to read, whether alone or with your children.
  • a dressing area in your bedroom. 

Fashion & Fun!: For fun, you can also use a luxurious chaise lounge as a focal point in your living room. A navy velvet chaise lounge can function as the centerpiece of your living room, perfect for seating and adding a vibrant pop of color that your guests will love to stop and admire.

Papasan Chairs

The Papasan chair is a casual, bohemian accent chair. Originating in Southeast Asia and being appreciated for its comfort and ease of use, the papasan chair became popular in Western countries duing the 1970s and 1980s. 

Wicker Papasan Patio Chair & Velvet Swivel Papasan Chair

Form: Papasan chairs are known for their bowl-shaped seats and structured bases. The base can sometimes be adjusted to different angles, and the seat can sometimes be removed. The base may be wicker, rattan, or metal, and the cushion is often plush and comfortable. 

Function: A Papasan accent chair is perfect for napping, lounging, or reading. It also adds a very cozy boho vibe to your space. Between the extra comfy seating and the vibey feel, the papasan chair is a lovely addition to your fabulous boho indoor or outdoor space. Weather-resistant cushions and materials can easily make your Papasan chair your favorite poolside or patio chair. 

Fashion & Fun!: We love the casual style of simple papasan chairs, but it’s also super fun to see how a velvet swivel chair can elevate the style in a fun and funky boho living room. Even if you have an eclectic, maximalist theme going on, a neutral velvet chair can help emphasize the beauty of your diverse artwork and home decor.

Accent Armchairs

The difference between standard and accent armchairs lies almost entirely in their style. Colorful and patterned accent chairs can serve as statement pieces or decorative touches in your main living areas. When purchasing an accent armchair, it’s perfectly acceptable to prioritize aesthetic furniture items over comfort. A bold print, unique silhouette, or funky color are all excellent criteria for the perfect accent chair! 

Velvet and Gold Accent Armchair & Yellow Upholstered Armchair with White Piping

Form: Like standard armchairs, an accent armchair is typically cushioned with armrests; it may sometimes have reclining features, but not always. The upholstery color, shape, or size of an accent chair may be what sets it apart from the rest of the furniture in the same room.

Function: If you’re utilizing an accent armchair properly, you should get used to hearing Wow, I love your chair! Or: Where did you get that chair? It’s so cool! In this case, you can always say you found it on Spoken, of course! An accent armchair can express your artistic flair and allow you to show off your unique style. 

Fashion & Fun!: Make a subtle statement with a light blue accent chair or a bold, vibrant statement with a bright yellow accent chair. Accent chairs are one of the most affordable, accessible ways to enjoy furniture as art in your home. So, have fun exploring the options and choose an accent chair to complement—but not necessarily match—your current furniture. Use the color wheel to find the perfect complementary shades.

upholstered wooden rocking chair near green potted plant; Photo by Juan Rojas / Unsplash
In a sea of accent chairs, spotting the perfect one for you is a skill.

In a world filled with beautiful accent chairs, this Spoken buying guide can help you choose the perfect ones to create an attractive and cozy space.

Mid-century modern chairs are the most popular style at the moment, whether you choose a mid-century office chair, counter stool, or leather accent chair. There are many mid-century modern accent chairs to choose from, and it’s undeniable that Spoken shoppers are big MCM fans!

Fortunately, you can find almost any type of chair listed in this article in a mid-century modern style on Spoken. You can find mid-century modern Parsons chairs, club chairs, swivel chairs, and many more styles if that’s what tickles your fancy. 

midcentury modern accent chair, retro armchair styles, arm chair for living room

Where can you find the most affordable accent chairs online?

Well… Spoken, of course! We compare the prices of various accent chairs from our favorite online furniture retailers because we never want to overpay for a roomful of furniture again

Of course, other great stores with affordable accent chairs include Wayfair, Amazon, Overstock, Ikea, Target, Walmart, AllModern, Costco, and CB2 (a modern Crate & Barrel brand).

Some of our best tips for finding affordable accent chairs online:

  • Compare prices–or, hey, let us do it for you
  • Read reviews to ensure that other customers recommend that chair for your derrière.
  • Watch for sales around holidays or other annual shopping events, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. 

How can I choose a stylish accent chair?

A stylish accent chair should enhance the style of your space while also providing comfort. 

First, know the style you are aiming for. Some popular furniture styles include mid-century modern, contemporary, traditional, Scandinavian, industrial, boho, coastal, rustic, and art deco. Save screenshots of styles you like and consider how your current furniture, artwork, and rugs can contribute to your desired furniture aesthetic. 

a chair next to a table with a potted plant on it; simple accent chair; Photo by dada_design / Unsplash
Armchairs and accent chairs are functional and help tie your theme together.

Next, decide on the type of chair you like. Here’s a handy list of popular furniture styles with the types of accent chairs that suit them best. 

  • Mid-century Modern: Functional, minimalist chairs complement mid-century modern home decor. An egg chair, tulip chair, butterfly chair, or armchair with tapered legs all fall into this category.
  • Contemporary: Neutral colors, innovative shapes, and modern materials are essential to the contemporary accent chair style. A barrel chair, papasan chair, and armless accent chair are typically considered contemporary; there are also contemporary-style recliners, tufted chairs, club chairs, and wingback chairs.
  • Modern: Functional yet innovative, modern accent chairs are simple and enhance your overall interior design. Ghost chairs, Parsons chairs, and slipper chairs are great examples.
  • Traditional: Traditional accent chairs are characterized by classic designs, rich materials, and ornate details. From this guide, some examples include a wingback chair, club chair, Chesterfield chair, or Bergère chair. Others include a Queen Anne chair, a fauteuil chair, or an English roll-arm chair.
  • Scandinavian: Simple, functional, and minimalist. Scandinavian accent chairs rely on natural materials. Some favorite Scandinavian-style chairs are lounge chairs with sheepskin, armless slipper chairs, Danish modern armchairs, or simple lounge chairs with wooden legs.
  • Industrial: The most common materials used in industrial home decor styles are exposed brick, metal, and wood. Think steel, leather, and reclaimed wood. Examples to search for include leather slipper chairs with wooden accents or metal stools. We have many industrial accent chair options on Spoken.
  • Boho: Eclectic, free-spirited, and vibrant decor is the name of the bohemian (or boho) decor game. Boho accent chairs mix patterns, natural materials, and textures. Popular bohemian accent chairs are papasan chairs, rattan armchairs, tufted velvet chairs, Moroccan poufs, and colorful accent chairs.
  • Coastal: Coastal accent chairs feature natural elements, neutral colors, and nautical elements. Wicker or rattan chairs, Adirondack chairs, slipcovered armchairs, navy and white nautical striped chairs, and cane back chairs are all ideal accent chairs for your coastal decor.
  • Rustic: Rugged textures and a cozy ambiance are typical in rustic home decor, so reclaimed wood chairs, distressed leather chairs, plaid or checkerboard upholstered chairs, and wooden rocking chairs are examples of rustic accent chairs.
  • Art Deco: Art Deco accent chairs feature geometric patterns, luxurious materials, and rich colors. They look sophisticated, stylish, and unique. Velvet armchairs, geometric accent chairs, barrel chairs, channel-tufted chairs, wingback chairs, and tuxedo chairs are popular Art Deco accent chair styles.

Third, make sure it will fit the scale of your room and complement the rest of the decor in the space you plan to place it in.

What accent chair will fit perfectly in my space?

If you find a chair you love, you can make it fit perfectly into your space. It may take some rearranging. In time, you can add a sofa, end table, or bookshelf that coordinates perfectly with it. The most important thing is that you love it and that it suits your style. 

As far as physically fitting into your space, check the measurements and measure your room to ensure it will fit before buying! 

Happy accent chair shopping!


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