How to Furnish Your Home: A Space-by-Space Guide

How to Furnish Your Home: A Space-by-Space Guide

The most important thing is to spend time and save money on furniture that will make your heart—and home—feel warm and fuzzy.


Modern, intentional home furnishing is a creative and deliberate process of crafting a space that honestly reflects you and your lifestyle. Each space is unique, and we delight in our spaces by considering how we use them—and furnishing them accordingly. 

I once lived in a tiny, nearly hundred-year-old home with a formal dining room. My husband and I had two small kids and usually ate around a cozy table tucked into the kitchen, so we decided to turn the dining room into a kids' space instead. Instead of eating there, we crafted and played together.

Consider this: millions of Americans live in apartments or smaller homes, where having a designated 'room' for every activity is a luxury. Instead, a single room may serve multiple purposes. In your home, you can be the creator of each space—and choose which activities you will do where.

At Spoken, we seek stylish and functional furniture and accessories that we enjoy. We'd rather spend our time and save our money on furniture and home items that will enrich our lives at home. This article will walk you through each activity you engage in at home and the furniture you might need for each activity so you can carefully create spaces you will love living in. 

Preparing Meals and Cooking

The space where meals are prepared is the heart of the home, so let's start here. No matter the size of your kitchen area, the activities there are the same: delicious dishes are created, families come together to cook and share meals, and conversations flow freely. Many daily rituals occur in the kitchen:

  • Brewing coffee as the sun rises. 
  • Packing your lunch—or kids' lunches.
  • Fixing dinner to share with your family or friends.

Whether a cozy breakfast nook or a spacious gourmet kitchen, the meal preparation area should have the tools to make the simplest PB&J feel like a culinary delight and foster warm, memorable moments.


Which tools do you need to prepare your favorite foods or beverages? A refrigerator, oven and stove, microwave, and dishwasher are must-haves for most people. A coffee maker, electric grill, waffle maker, blender, mixer, or slow cooker may come in handy. Air fryers are also quite popular and can help make cooking faster and more efficient. 

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Do you prefer cooking or baking, and what do you enjoy making most? Cookie sheets, cake pans, and muffin pans are essential baking dishes to start with. Saucepans, skillets, and stockpots are standard pots and pans. Add a wok to your collection if you enjoy stir-frying or an air fryer for added convenience. Quality cookware and bakeware will help you cook your favorite dishes from your heart—and from the heart of your own home. 

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stainless steel Kitchen Aid cookware; stainless steel cookware on the stove with tortillas and fajita toppings
Cooking a delicious meal + knowing you bought your cookware half price = priceless!

Kitchen Tools

Kitchen tools are all the little gadgets that make working in the kitchen easier. Knives, cutting boards, mixing bowls, measuring cups, graters, and other cooking utensils are necessary when cooking and baking. We have also been surprised to find fantastic deals on salad spinners, storage containers, and spice grinders. You don't always know when there's a better deal. Thankfully, Spoken can help! 

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Your furniture sets the stage for every meal you enjoy at home. What does that look like? You may enjoy bar seating when you eat alone or with a date, or you may have a favorite spot where you lay a blanket for a midday picnic with your kids. Many people use a dining table for most meals. 

Each item you choose, from the table to the chairs, will contribute to your space's overall comfort and style. The theme or color scheme of the dining space, along with the furniture and lighting you choose, can make everyday meals feel magical. 

Barstools & Counter Stools

Barstools will set the stage for casual seating and dining at your home bar or breakfast bar. Barstools and counter stools are perfect for any relaxing environment where you can enjoy eating or drinking with friends and family. You may enjoy stool seating indoors or on the patio. 

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From the dining room to the living room, benches save space and provide added seating, often for up to three people. An end-of-bed storage bench in the bedroom can provide seating and storage space for linens, clothing, or even shoes—and we're never gonna say no to extra shoe storage! Dining benches, upholstered storage benches, or decorative teak outdoor benches add stylish seating to your favorite living areas. 

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contemporary dining room furniture; walnut wood veneer family dining table; industrial style dining table; farmhousing dining room table
Maximize (and modernize) your dining room with a contemporary dining bench.

Dining Chairs

How many people need to sit in your dining space, and how much actual space do you have for them? Whether you prefer traditional dining chairs, upholstered side chairs, or a contemporary dining chair style, you want to ensure that they are comfortable and consistent with the style of the dining table. 

Whether you prefer blue velvet dining chairs or easy-to-store rattan folding dining chairs, you can eat in comfort and style. 

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Dining Tables

Many people choose their dining table first because it is one of the most essential pieces in the dining area. You can go that route, or choose dining chairs you love first and then look for a table to accompany them. Size, shape, color, and material are important considerations when choosing a dining table that suits your space and aesthetic. 

However, you also want to envision the people sitting at the table, the moments you hope to create, and the meals you will serve. Will you use the table to play games together, work from home, or do craft projects with your kids? Are you excited to find the perfect decorations for your table? The table you choose will be home to all of these memorable moments. 

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You may say cutlery, silverware, utensils, or flatware. Still, no matter how you say it, it's necessary for your dining space. Stainless steel flatware is popular because it is affordable, durable, and cleans easily. However, there are various materials, styles, weights, and finishes from which to choose. 

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multicolored porcelain dinnerware on the dining table with a burlap table runner; dinner plates, salad plates, dinner bowls, and soup bowls in sage green, blue, gray, and cream
Beautiful dinnerware feels inviting for family and friends.


Choosing your favorite dinnerware is a great way to add beauty and functionality to your dining space. A simple white dinnerware set might be perfect if you're starting out, or you may want something more elegant. Your dinnerware adds character to each meal. Each plate, bowl, and dish reflects your personal style and the love you share with each meal. 

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What about the space where you sleep? Getting enough sleep is essential for your well-being and mood. If you're getting enough sleep, you spend two-thirds of your life sleeping, so creating a comfortable, calming environment for sleep is a top priority.

What helps you rest? Jot down a quick list of items you can't live without in your sleeping space. The right bed, bedding, candles, curtains, and nightstand can help create a peaceful space you love and can't wait to return to at the end of the day. 


There are endless websites dedicated to buying the perfect bedding for your home, and once you choose one, you have just as many options. The first thing you see when walking into your room is your bed. Your bedding sets the tone for the space where you sleep, rest, get dressed, and enjoy intimacy with your partner. 

A luxurious light blue quilt set or contemporary white cotton duvet set could be the setting for each of these restful and restorative activities. We love finding deals on bedding sets from many online stores to help you find the best deals on all of them. 

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The bed frames and headboards you choose for your bedroom can impact its appearance and vibe. A platform bed can inspire a modern, airy feel. At the same time, a metal bedframe with vintage linens can create a vintage-inspired bedroom. An upholstered bed with plush, patterned pillows feels sophisticated, while a rustic wooden bed with a colorful quilt gives cabin-in-the-woods. 

So, you see, what matters most is how you want the space where you sleep to feel. The style of your bed can make it feel calm and inviting in the way that feels best to you, which is ultimately the most important element of designing your bedroom. 

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solid pine wood queen platform bed with a contemporary headboard; rustic bed for farmhouse style bedroom; blue walls with geometric art and a blue and white throw rug on the floor; midcentury modern nightstand with modern lamp in the corner of the room
The perfect bed can be a whole vibe.


Here's another must-have item for the bedroom: candles. From their lovely scents to flickering lights, candles evoke a sense of serenity and calm. Simple jar candles in your favorite scent or decorative candle holders make your bedroom feel extra calming. They create the ideal ambiance for all of the bedroom activities. Just don't forget to blow them out before you fall asleep! 

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Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can be used in various rooms. They improve air quality, provide additional lighting, and lower energy consumption in any room. However, we especially like ceiling fans in the bedroom because they help with temperature control and white noise, creating a perfect environment for restorative sleep. 

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Bedroom curtains provide privacy, control light, and add aesthetic appeal. Sheer, light-filtering, and room-darkening curtains can all create unique light control and styles. Layering curtains in the bedroom can provide a sense of depth in the decor and allow you to darken the room or filter the light during the day. 

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Dressers add storage room to your bedroom and help you optimize your space. If you keep your bedroom tidy, you will feel at peace and focus on enjoying the decorative details you love. Whether you prefer the style of a timeless traditional wood dresser, a coastal rattan dresser, or other unique styles, your dressers can serve as focal points or complement other furniture items you love.

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Headboards create a focal point and add visual interest to the bedroom. They also balance the visual weight of the bed and can create a luxurious feel. Some headboards are freestanding, while others attach easily to metal bed frames; some offer storage, while others exist just for the beauty they can bring to the bedroom. 

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Your mattress is probably the most important contributor to a good night's sleep, essential for your physical, mental, and overall well-being. Hypoallergenic mattresses, adjustable firmness levels, and reduced motion transfer are all qualities that can help your sleep quality and overall health. If you sleep on your back, a medium-firm mattress will support your spine properly, while memory foam is best for side sleepers. 

From cooling memory foam mattresses to hypoallergenic mattress toppers, we have found the best deals on mattresses online. Always check first to find the best mattress deals online. 

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Many people enjoy the convenience of a nightstand beside their bed for storage. Even in a small bedroom or sleeping area, you can almost always make space for one. The key is to measure the space and carefully search for a nightstand to fit. A nightstand with a drawer can hold a small TBR pile of books, glasses, and personal items. You can use the top of the nightstand for a charging station, essential oil diffuser, or other decor that makes you feel happy where you sleep.

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midcentury nightstand with tapered legs; aliexpress nightstand with two drawers; aesthetic oak wood nightstand beside upholstered bed, cream colored pouf on the floor, and slippers beside the bed
A nightstand is perfect for your bedside lamp, TBR pile, and favorite candle.

Table Lamps

Want to add a little mood lighting? A table lamp on your dresser or nightstand is a great way to do it! Elevate your bedroom's style with a modern bedside table lamp or a cordless boho yellow mushroom lamp. With lamps and other light fixtures, you might be surprised how many unique—and affordable—options are available. Not to mention, lighting is a beautiful way to add a little pop of color and a whole lot of ambiance to the space where you recharge.

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Although these areas vary, the bathroom is where you engage in essential daily activities and rituals. The bathroom is central to your daily routine, from refreshing morning showers to unwinding bubble baths in the evening. 

It is important to have the essentials to make these activities comfortable and enjoyable. Bath towels, bath rugs or mats, shower curtains, and bathroom accessories such as soap dishes and dispensers make for a functional, organized, and well-designed bathroom.

Bath Rugs and Mats

Bathroom spaces come in many sizes, but most bath areas only require a few simple furnishings or adornments. Bathroom rugs and bath mats are commonly placed next to the bathtub or in front of a sink or vanity and can infuse the space with spa-worthy style. Consider the wear and tear that items will endure in a space. Consider a bit of a splurge to create a bathroom oasis, like this luxurious floral bath rug. If you share the space with children, you can't go wrong with an affordable, washable bath rug from Target

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bath mat, bathroom rugs, boho bath mat, boho bathroom decor
A colorful mat will feel like walking on sunshine every time you step out of the bath.

Bath Towels

Washcloths, hand towels, and bath sheets are necessities in a well-stocked bathroom area. Choosing them based on softness, absorbency, and quality can enhance your bathing experience or create a comfortable hand-washing experience for guests. Luxurious hand towels and your favorite soap scent will make your guests extra happy they stopped by! 

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Bathroom Accessories

Your bathroom's aesthetic comes from the accessories: mirrors, towel bars, toilet paper holders, woven wastebaskets, and coordinated accessory sets. You can easily create a bathroom space that feels put together without the frustration of selecting coordinating items.

Some bathroom accessories, such as an adjustable non-slip bath and shower chair, can help provide added safety and comfort when bathing.

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Living and Togetherness

The space where you gather, relax, chat, and have fun differs in different homes. Whether you have a traditional living room, an open living space in your apartment or house, or gather in a den or family room, you want to make it feel comfortable and cozy. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the living space is the lifeblood of the house, the source of life for the home and all inside. 

Comfy sofas, chairs, and coffee tables create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It's the perfect place for watching movies, playing games, or enjoying good company. Plus, you can add personal touches like artwork, rugs, and nice lighting to make the space more inviting.

Blankets & Throws

Whether you love a fuzzy fleece blanket or a soft cotton throw, blankets help you create a snuggly space for spending time together. Picture a movie night cuddled up together in a pile of blankets or a lightweight throw blanket for an afternoon reading on the sofa alone. Each blanket can help you create comfy & cozy spaces for living & spending time together.

We love finding savings on various blankets, like this color-blocked cashmere throw blanket and a modern patterned cotton throw that would be perfect for the living room or bedroom. Blankets are an easy way to introduce visual interest and comfort to your living space, no matter what that space looks like for you. 

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zig zag woven cotton blanket in green and cream on top of a white comforter; two pillows against a wooden headboard and a houseplant in the corner of the room; QVC blankets and throws; Walmart blanket sale
There's nothing better than your favorite blanket, no matter how old you are!

Bookcases & Etageres

Whether you enjoy displaying a beloved collection of books or want to showcase favorite photos and decorative objects, a bookcase or etagere with open shelves is the perfect aesthetic furniture item to do all of the above. From Scandinavian-style cube shelves to industrial-style shelves with metal frames, beautiful bookshelves abound online—and their best deals on Spoken! 

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Console Tables

A console table is a versatile key to instantly elevate the style in your main living space. We imagine this farmhouse-style wooden console table subtly separating your entryway from an open living area. Console tables are often used as TV stands in the living room because they conceal media devices and remotes while displaying beautiful decor. A console table with drawers or shelves offers additional storage in a small living area, and you can add personality by displaying travel mementos or family photos on your console table. 

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Coffee Tables

In your living space, the coffee table is central to the action. TBH, it's giving main character energy in the living room because all of the activities here are centered around this piece of furniture. Sure, it can hold your coffee and much more—a family game, books, remote controls, and kids' toys. You may casually enjoy a meal on your coffee table or use it to display a favorite book or photographs. A coffee table with hidden storage can be a game-changer in a small living room. 

Style tip: Even if your coffee table and console table don't match perfectly, make sure they coordinate for a cohesive style. 

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modern coffee table in faux terrazzo finish; taupe coffee table with graphite gray speckles beside a teal couch with a mustard yellow throw pillow; walmart and target coffee table deals
A lift-top coffee table conceals everything from notebooks and pens to Legos.

Decorative Pillows

Of course, you can place decorative pillows anywhere in your home. Still, it's always nice to have cozy pillows on your sofa, sectional, or other places where you might want to snuggle in alongside your family or your love. Adding a boho throw pillow or a beautiful handwoven throw pillow cover to your living room design can provide a comfy place to lay your head, a pop of your favorite accent color, and tie the whole living room aesthetic together. 

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End & Side Tables

Have you ever sat down and realized there was nowhere for your drink? It's easier to get cozy when you have a little side table for your beverage. Just remember the coasters! A side or end table can be convenient as a storage space or display surface in a well-lived-in space.

Small tables can also pack a huge design punch. Choose a colorful end table, like a red French country accent table or a contrasting black and white art deco side table. A square end table with a shutter door would be a unique accent for a farmhouse-style living area, with extra storage space for books, electronics, or other small items. With special care, you can enjoy stylish end tables for many years—or at least until your design tastes change. 

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Whether taking an afternoon nap, reading a book, or spending time with the family, a comfortable recliner is essential for your living area. Some can be bulky, but there are also smaller recliner options. They aren't all the same size and style as a traditional La-Z-Boy. For instance, mid-century modern recliners in muted hues can add a touch of elegance and comfort to an afternoon reading sesh. On the other hand, some faux leather TV recliners offer massages and power-lift capabilities, giving family members of all ages reasons to appreciate the new living room furniture. 

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light blue recliner; swivel recliner next to a white dresser and window; aesthetic furnishing, affordable home furnishing from Ashley Furniture
A swivel recliner is ideal for reading, resting, or rocking the baby.


Sectionals help you maximize your seating and utilize space, whether you want to make the most of a small space or add extra seating to an already large living area. A customizable 8-piece modular sofa provides plenty of seating and the ability to customize your seating arrangement. You can partition an open living space with a large modular sofa or a smaller L-shaped sectional. A colorful L-shaped sectional can also add an aesthetic dimension to your living and set the stage for many days and nights of family togetherness. 

Style tip: Anchor a sectional with a rug large enough to fit under the front legs of the sectional and any other accompanying furniture. Consider how a coffee table, end table, or ottoman might add comfort and convenience to your living space. 

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TV Stands

A TV stand, sometimes called a TV bench, offers support, stability, and aesthetic appeal in your living area. Many TV stands provide storage shelves or cabinets for remotes, gaming consoles, cables, and other accessories. Utilizing a TV stand can be easier than installing a wall mount or floating shelves for TV accessories. In a smaller space, you may appreciate the storage space and cable management provided by a TV bench; in a larger space, it can provide a focal point and coordinate with your other living room furniture. 

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Entertaining and Hosting

The entertaining space in a home is where people gather to socialize, have fun, and enjoy each other's company. It can be a living room, a den, a family room, or any designated area where guests are welcomed and entertained. 

Often, the spaces where you entertain may also be your main living areas, such as a living room, kitchen, dining room, or outdoor space. You may have spaces reserved for entertaining. Carefully plan the layout and amenities needed for your room based on the atmosphere you want to create when hosting family, friends, or other guests in your home. 

Accent Chairs

You want to provide your guests with stylish and comfortable seating, so accent chairs are an excellent option. You can customize your seating area using club chairs, barrel chairs, and occasional chairs, which are all lovely—and comfy—options for social gatherings. A coastal chic rattan wooden rocker can provide the perfect patio, porch, or indoor seating. Your visitors will admire and enjoy a luxurious velvet accent chair or another statement chair. The right seating will actually make your guests want to take off their coats and stay a while! 

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Light grey velvet side chairs with gold tipped legs around a circle dining table on a red and purple rug in a room with pinks walls and a grey sideboard; contemporary accent chairs for dining room; English Elm accent chairs
Upholstered side chairs make excellent dining chairs or accent chairs.

Bar Carts (and Cabinets)

Bar carts are the perfect furniture for serving alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, or desserts. In an extra-small space, you may sometimes use a bar cart for entertaining and, at other times, as a work-from-home or crafting station. 

Even a simple, affordable bar cart can make you seem like the hostess (or host) with the most; everyone will appreciate your adaptable, adorable drink station. For aesthetic appeal, a simple but elegant bar cart with marble and glass shelving or a sleek black metal bar cart.

Another alternative to a bar cart is a bar cabinet, which offers more storage and organization options for wine bottles and glasses. A simple modern bar cabinet can enrich your entertaining style, home decor, and organization. 

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Decorative Objects

When we say decorative objects, it can mean so many things! Decorative bowls, floral bouquets, sculptures, table vases, bookends, and storage baskets are some decorative objects you may choose to adorn your entertaining spaces. Many other items enhance the functionality of the spaces where you entertain guests, but decorative objects are often conversation pieces or items that enhance the beauty of your space. 

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You can serve your guests beverages in disposable plastic cups or invest in quality drinkware for the events you host. Multicolor glassware sets provide an excellent way for everyone to tell their drinks apart, and iridescent stemless wine glasses are fun for entertaining, too! Beautiful drinkware makes for better toasts and more elegant meals. Plus, it is far more environmentally sustainable than disposable drinkware. Win-win-win! 

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Plant Stands & Planters

Plant stands and planters are perfect spots to showcase your plant babies and create a calming space for entertaining or relaxation. Indoor and outdoor living spaces are lovely spots for a charming wooden plant stand, whether near a window in your dining space or on a patio or balcony. Or, add some visual interest—and save space—with a simple white adjustable hanging planter. Adding natural elements to your home creates a more inviting atmosphere, improves air quality, and adds to your home's aesthetic appeal. 

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Whether for holiday gatherings, family celebrations, social gatherings, or daily meals, your serving dishes can seriously enhance the presentation of your favorite meals, adding beauty and joy to your meals, home, and heart. An elegant pedestal bowl showcases your favorite desserts, salads, or fruits. You may enjoy the aesthetic of a gold porcelain serving tray shaped like a leaf or the simplicity of a white tulip-inspired serving bowl

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Wall Art

Is your style contemporary, bohemian, rustic cottage chic, or traditional? Your chosen art wall art can take many forms: a family photo gallery, woven wall hangings, statement mirrors, and floral wall sculptures. Whatever you choose tells a story about who you are, what you value, and the styles you appreciate. Sharing unique artwork with loved ones and new friends can provide a unique bonding experience and offer them a glimpse into your inner world. The things you find beautiful reflect your inner beauty back to you and to the world around you! 

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You get things done, tackle projects, and handle work-related tasks in your work-from-home space. You can let your creativity flow and be productive. Some people have a home office, and others utilize a living, dining, or bedroom space for work. Whichever space you choose to work from, a nice desk, a comfy chair, and good lighting can brighten your workdays. 

Personal touches like artwork or plants can make your WFH space feel welcoming. Whether it's a dedicated home office or a multi-purpose area, you can design it to help you stay focused and inspired while reflecting your unique style and needs.


If you have a designated home office, you will likely want to find a perfect desk for your work-away-from-work. Different home office desks offer various styles, storage options, and sizes. The size of a desk is one of the most important considerations when working from home because it has to fit your chosen office space. A simple white transitional desk can help you keep a tidy workspace, or a walnut executive desk can provide plenty of storage for your home office area, including file storage. 

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Filing Cabinets

In a home office, a filing cabinet can help you stay organized and keep important documents safe and secure. Having a space for important papers can help you reduce clutter and keep track of documents because everything has a place. This brown oak lockable lateral file cabinet or a smaller laurel oak filing cabinet can securely hold your papers while providing a surface for a lamp, artwork, photos, or decorative items. 

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Table Lamps

The glow of a table lamp can add ambient lighting to your home office or WFH space. You can also layer lighting from a table lamp, floor lamp, and other light sources to create a cozy, well-lit workspace. In addition to providing a soft, warm glow, a table lamp also showcases your style. You can make your table lamp match your unique design style, from industrial-style table lamps like this Edison antique brass lamp to rustic-style lamps like this tripod lamp

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Office Chairs

Your office chair is one of the most essential pieces of furniture in your workspace, both at work and at home. Some factors to consider when choosing an office chair include ergonomics, comfort, quality, style, and price. A great office chair provides plenty of support and comfort during working hours. You may prefer an ergonomic high-back swivel chair or a pink velvet task chair.

Many gaming chairs and kneeling office chairs provide excellent ergonomic support, an essential if you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk or computer. 

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Urban Outfitters furniture for the home office; cow print desk chair next to wooden writing desk on a beige carpet in a room with blue walls; plush rolling desk chair
A unique and cozy office chair helps you work in style and comfort.

Faux Plants

Investing in quality faux plants for your workspace can be a practical—and low-maintenance—style solution for your home office or workplace. Faux plants are ideal for people who love the aesthetic of houseplants but don't have a green thumb. They are easier to care for, safe for people with pets and small children, and come in many sizes and varieties. A fiddle leaf fig, for example, is notoriously difficult to care for, but you can enjoy the beauty of an artificial fiddle leaf fig without the stress of keeping it alive. Seasonal faux flower arrangements, such as hydrangeas for summer, also add maintenance-free beauty to your workspace. 

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Wall Shelves

Floating wall shelves or wall-mounted shelving units provide storage or display space for your office area or WFH space. The practicality is terrific, and so is the aesthetic appeal of having something beautiful on your walls! A contemporary floating accent shelf or industrial wall-mounted pipe shelving unit can elevate your style and hold your favorite photographs or decor items. Wall shelves can help you feel inspired in your space, and we are here for it—and here to help you achieve it! 

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Outdoor Activities

Your outdoor living space is where you enjoy the fresh air, your garden, and the beauty of other natural surroundings. This space can be a patio, a deck, a garden, or any area outside the main house where you can relax, entertain, and spend time with family and friends.

Whether it's a small balcony or a spacious backyard, outdoor living spaces are designed for relaxation and enjoyment, which can only be enhanced by garden accents, outdoor lighting, and the perfect outdoor furniture. 

Garden Accents

Garden statues, bird baths and feeders, decorative planters, string lights or solar pathway lights, and decorative garden signs are some garden accents people enjoy in their outdoor living spaces. Garden flags, trellises, wind chimes, and fountains are other options. Whatever garden accents you choose should make you feel peaceful and serene when spending time in your outdoor space. 

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Walmart garden accents for sale; ceramic stool with floral cutouts next to off-white accent chair on a white striped rug with a wooden accent ladder in the corner of the room; Michael's garden accent stool for sale
A ceramic garden stool can provide seating, a side table, or a plant stand.

Daybeds & Chaise Lounges

Luxurious outdoor daybeds and chaise lounges can only add to the serenity of your outdoor living space. Whether poolside, in the garden, or in your backyard surrounded by flowers, a daybed or chaise lounge can provide the perfect space to rest outdoors. A rattan outdoor canopy daybed can give you a comfortable place to lounge while protecting you from the sun, and a cushioned outdoor chaise lounge offers a contemporary, supremely comfortable backyard lounging space. 

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Outdoor Dining

What about an alfresco meal with friends or family? Outdoor furniture, such as patio dining tables, bistro dining sets, and outdoor dining chairs, allows you to enjoy a lovely meal and fresh air. Who will you invite over this summer? A eucalyptus coastal dining set or a small mint green dining table could be home to many meals and memories on your patio. Make sure you have enough seats for all of your guests!  

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Outdoor Lighting

Whether for eating, lounging, or coming and going, the outdoor lighting you choose can make your outdoor areas feel more welcoming, comfortable, and beautiful. String lights, pathway lights, sconces, and light posts are popular outdoor lighting choices. An elegant outdoor wall lantern has a delightful way of welcoming you home at night, and an LED solar lamp post is ideal for lighting your sidewalk or pathway at dawn or dusk. 

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Amazon outdoor lighting deals; Traditional hanging lanterns on a front porch hanging over the entryway to the front door with shrubs on one side and gray siding on the other; elegant outdoor lights
Traditional outdoor lighting makes your porch feel inviting.

Coming & Going

Your home's entryways and transitional areas are where you and your guests come and go. These spaces include the main entrance, hallways, and mudrooms, where individuals enter and exit the house. They are designed to welcome guests, provide a convenient place to store outerwear and shoes, and often offer a spot to exchange warm embraces before leaving.

You can personalize your coming & going spaces with decorative touches to create a warm and inviting first impression or a peaceful homecoming. 

Coat Racks

Placing a wall-mounted coat hanger, hooks, or a hall tree in the entryway serves various functions. First, it's a convenient spot to take off jackets and shoes when entering your home. A coat rack is ideal for hanging up coats so they don't get thrown onto the sofa or floor immediately—mainly talking about kids here. Still, you never know what you might do after a long day! And, of course, you can ensure that everything you need for tomorrow will be in its spot by the door! 

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A mirror can make a lovely statement in your entryway, allowing you to glance at your beautiful face on your way out and making the entry appear more spacious. An artsy beveled wall mirror or minimalist rectangular wall mirror can make a stunning statement and add a touch of feng shui to your entryway! If you're wondering what the feng shui entryway mirror rule is, it is to hang the mirror on a wall perpendicular to the front door, never directly across from it. When you hang a mirror in your entryway, you enjoy a brighter, more artistic, positive coming-and-going experience. 

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From the living room to the bedroom, the kitchen to your favorite outdoor spaces, area rugs make your space feel cozier and add pops of color to your favorite living spaces. We especially love finding the perfect durable, low-pile entryway rugs that feel like an inviting, comfortable, and stylish welcome into the home. Depending on your style, you might prefer a contemporary or boho rug, or you might want to go with a more traditional or transitional neutral area rug. A geometric seafoam-colored shag runner or chic silver and white patterned rug would both be lovely in your entry spaces. A small machine-washable rug is also an excellent choice for an entryway, especially if you have kids and pets. 

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entryway rug, jute rug, affordable home furnishing, area rugs, accent rug
A round, natural woven rug is ideal for living and entryway spaces.

Kids' Areas

The kids' areas in a home are dedicated spaces where children spend time learning and playing. These areas are designed to be fun, functional, and safe, allowing children to explore their creativity and imagination. 

Playful decor, such as colorful rugs, wall art, and themed accents, create a vibrant and stimulating environment for children to enjoy.


Indoor and outdoor games are perfect for kids' spaces and adult entertainment! From an entertaining billiard table to puzzles and even a farmhouse-style tic-tac-toe board, it's fun to have spaces designated for fun and games. Your kids' spaces likely also have video games set up, like Minecraft and Fortnite. However, bringing back board games, pool tables, and puzzles is a fantastic idea for screen-free time. 

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Kids Furniture

Kids' furniture is designed to be small, safe, and adorable. Bedsheets depicting toddlers’ favorite characters, sweet step stools for tooth brushing or helping mom or dad in the kitchen, and upholstered chairs perfect for reading nooks are just a few of the kids' furniture and decor items you might be shopping for. The only thing that can make kids' furniture more magical is finding a better deal on it—and, thankfully, we have! 

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toddler furniture, Nordic toddler play furniture, chair and stools for toddlers
Your home will be the ultimate playdate destination with a toddler table & stools.


Kids love collecting things, from toys to rocks. Having the right tools to organize the collections is an absolute necessity! A pixel-perfect Minecraft storage bin or stackable clear plastic storage containers are a couple of handy options for organizing kids' toys and other items. A colorful storage basket or toy box may be just the thing for your little one's nursery, bedroom, or play area. 

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Ottomans, Stools, and Poufs

From toddlers to teenagers, ottomans, stools, and poufs can grow with your kids. A cow-shaped—and printed—ottoman or a boho-chic pouf can enhance your child's living, sleeping, or hangout spaces. Cute and comfy will do the trick! Affordable and adorable home furnishing is even more fun when you're on a mission to curate a space for one of your most adorable family members! 

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When spending time together, bathing, dining, cooking, sleeping, or playing, the perfect furniture, decor, and accessories can enhance every activity you enjoy at home. The most important thing is spending time and saving money on furniture that makes your heart—and home—feel warm and fuzzy.

When you find a perfect piece for your favorite space, drop us a line to tell us what you found—and how much you saved! We love hearing about your furniture finds and savings on Spoken.


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