The Ultimate Nightstand Guide

The Ultimate Nightstand Guide

Whether you’re just getting a feel for what your furniture style even is or you want to find that perfect piece—or two—to complement your bedroom design, this nightstand guide will help. 

Spoken's Ultimate Guide to Nightstands text with images: midcentury modern nightstand; small nightstand with plant and candles; round nightstand with drawer; two modern white nightstands beside a bed; bedside table with black and white alarm clock; oak nightstand with matching bed

Nightstands—also often called bedside tables or bedside cabinets—are one of the most useful furniture items you can buy for your house, apartment, or dorm. And there are more styles than you might think! 

Whether you are shopping for a tall and narrow bedside table, a bedside table with a shelf, or a nightstand with drawers, you know you need a spot to place your lamp, phone, glasses, books, and a glass of water. 

Many nightstands also come with storage space, such as drawers or shelves, which can hold books, headphones, lip balm, hand lotion, or medication. We also recommend keeping a journal and pens inside your nightstand so you can journal before bed for a sound, peaceful night’s sleep.

Even in a small space, it’s possible to find a small nightstand or side table to use as a nightstand. And it’s easier than ever to plug electronics into your nightstand because many smart nightstands come with USB ports and built-in LED lights. 

black table lamp on mid-century modern nightstand Photo by Christopher Jolly / Unsplash

Of course, in addition to being practical, you can complement the aesthetic furniture style of your bedroom by choosing nightstands that look cool with the other furniture you’ve chosen. They can still go together, even if they don’t match. Typically, as long as you choose similar styles of nightstands as the rest of the bedroom, you should be good to go! 

In this ultimate nightstand guide, you can browse various types of nightstands. Whether you’re just getting a feel for what your furniture style even is or you want to find that perfect piece—or two—to complement your bedroom design, this nightstand guide will help. 

You will notice that some styles overlap. For instance, you may find a modern industrial nightstand that you love or a mid-century Scandinavian nightstand. Pulling them all apart helps us help you figure out what you love best, but it’s okay if your furniture doesn’t only check one style box. Your bedroom should be your happy place, so combine whatever styles your heart desires to make that real for you. 

Cottagecore Nightstands

Combining rustic, charming, and vintage aesthetics, cottagecore nightstands are made from natural materials like light-colored woods, and they are often painted in soft, muted colors. Floral-inspired details, vintage hardware, and scalloped edges are some of the details that give away a cottagecore nightstand. 

Cottagecore oak nightstand with lamp and plant on top; whitewashed bedside table with small lamp and plant; Gen Z furniture styles
Rustic Oak Nightstand & Whitewashed Bedside Table

If you like rustic nightstands or the appeal of a similar natural wood nightstand, you might like the Cottagecore design style. Some items can add to the character and charm of your nightstand if Cottagecore is what you’re going for. Think vintage fabrics, wicker or wooden baskets, botanical prints, or any mushroom-inspired decor. A scalloped nightstand also fits beautifully with this style.

What we really love: You might be able to find the perfect rustic wood nightstand thrifting, but if you can’t, we love nightstands that are functional and charming with a little bit of storage space. A bedside table with a shelf can function well as a Cottagecore nightstand, especially if it is whitewashed or has a floral design. Decals can also work really well when adding flowery touches. 

Traditional Nightstands

When we think of traditional nightstands, we think of solid wood or those made of high-quality wood veneers like mahogany, oak, cherry, or walnut. Traditional bedroom furniture is durable and stained in rich colors or generally painted a sophisticated shade of white, cream, or black. The hardware is classic, and the pieces themselves are timeless. 

traditional platinum nightstand with metal hardware & cherry wood nightstand with a lamp and photo frame beside a bed; traditional nightstands with matching headboards
Traditional Platinum Nightstand & Elegant Cherry Nightstand

When you see a wood nightstand with drawers, you can almost be certain whether it is traditional based on its color, decorative elements, and whether or not it looks like the furniture your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents had. As a Millennial, I can say that my parents embraced traditional furniture traditions while my grandparents enjoyed more antique styles. A traditional nightstand doesn’t break the mold, and that’s why many people love it! 

What we especially like: Traditional nightstands are lovely because of their elegance and timeless aesthetic. They feel comforting because they almost certainly remind you of the furniture of someone you have loved. They’re also well-constructed, which has become more unusual in a world of fast furniture. 

Modern Nightstands

Where you see a nightstand with a sleek, minimalist design and contemporary aesthetics, you have found a modern nightstand. Clean lines, simple shapes, smooth surfaces, and integrated technology are some common themes we see in modern nightstands. You may also notice that modern bedroom furniture incorporates eco-friendly materials and finishes, making many modern pieces perfect for sustainable home design.

modern black nightstand with one drawer and matching bedframe & curved maple nightstand for lamp, record player, diffuser, relaxing bedroom vibe
Modern Black Nightstand & Modern Pacific Maple Nightstand

When choosing the perfect nightstands or modern bedside cabinets, you may notice many subgroups of modern furniture. For example, Scandinavian modern bedroom furniture, industrial modern, and mid-century modern are all popular types of modern furniture. They are simple and functional furniture items that provide a unique look and innovative storage ideas. 

What we enjoy: Modern nightstands are unique and bold while maintaining a sense of minimalism. It’s like the best of both worlds! A stunning midnight blue nightstand with a ribbed appearance or a brown mid-century modern nightstand with yellow drawers are vibrant modern pieces that still feel minimalist while adding a pop of color beside your bed. A nightstand with drawers doesn’t have to look or feel traditional, and these styles are proof of that.

Contemporary Nightstands

Contemporary nightstands reflect current furniture trends, so if your bedroom decor goal is to stay trendy, these are the nightstands you want. Contemporary bedside tables are sleek and simple and often feature mixed materials. A round bedside table or classic rectangular style can both add the style and storage you need beside your bed. 

black linear detail contemporary nightstand with flower vase on top & contemporary black nightstand with two drawers and linear detailing
Contemporary Glass Top Nightstand & Groove-Detail Black Two Drawer Nightstand

Contemporary nightstands and bedside tables are functional bedroom furniture and artistic statement pieces. You notice them when you walk into your bedroom because they are stylish, even if they are quite simple. Bold colors or two-tone styles are common for bedside tables, including this silver-sheen nightstand and a rich dark brown nightstand with a marble top. What a wonderful way to elevate your bedroom style! 

What we love most: Contemporary bedside tables may be minimalist, but we love how they mix materials, offer creative storage, and blend functionality with art. For example, a round bedside table is a timeless nightstand for a contemporary bedroom, as it is a simple but dreamy design.

French Country Nightstands

French country nightstands and bedside tables are rustic and charming, and they can add a timeless elegance to your bedroom decor. If you like the rustic farmhouse style but want your bedroom to feel slightly more elegant, French country is the way to go! These styles can elevate your bedroom style or even your teen or tween’s bedroom decor.

off-white nightstand with 3 drawers next to a bed with an upholstered headboard & distressed, carved nightstand with whitewashing, two drawers, and USB charging ports
Pine 3-Drawer Nightstand & Whitewashed French Country Nightstand

Whitewash or weathered paint styles are common for French country nightstands and bedside tables. In addition to weathered shades of white, French country nightstands can come in other muted colors, like pastel blues, greens, or light gray. Colored nightstands with elegant drawer pulls can easily accompany other French country styles, including floral motifs, cabriole legs, or scalloped edges. 

J'adoreor on adore: French country home decor can appear in many ways. For example, French country bedside tables sometimes nod to ornate 17th-century French antiques, such as this elegant mahogany bedside table or a vintage oak bedside table with antique handles. If you like the appeal of antique furniture, you can combine ornate French country pieces to curate a unique, antique-style bedroom. 

Mid-Century Modern Nightstands

Mid-century Modern Nightstands stand out with their clean lines, tapered legs, and use of neutral colors and natural materials. These unique features not only add a touch of style to your bedroom but also provide ample storage. The geometric forms and contrasting materials are design elements that are sure to catch your eye, even if you're already in the comfort of your cozy bed.

white mid century modern night stand with tapered legs and black knobs & wood nightstand; mid century nightstand styles for bedroom
Mahogany 2-Drawer Nightstand & Sheesham Wood Mid-Century Modern Nightstand

If you like geometric styles or bold color contrasts, you will also certainly find a mid century nightstand you love. A rustic brown and blue nightstand can add a pop of color to your bedroom, or you may find a more understated white and walnut nightstand to be more of what you’re looking for. These mid century nightstand styles are so much fun to browse, especially when you envision how they can add to the current style of your bedroom. 

What we love most: We’re definitely biased, but we love finding so many mid-century modern nightstand options on Spoken, similar to the popular Walker Edison nightstand styles that many young professionals and urban dwellers enjoy in their homes or apartments. Sleek and uncluttered styles help you feel at peace when you’re finally home after a long day. 

Scandinavian Nightstands

Scandinavian nightstands are popular among many groups, from design aficionados who appreciate the photogenic qualities of this straightforward style to creatives and professionals who enjoy uncluttered spaces at work and home. A sleek Scandinavian nightstand with drawers hides all the books, chargers, and personal care items you don’t want to clutter up your room. 

Ikea nightstand lookalikes; small nightstand with two drawers; two drawer nightstands - one elm with white drawers & the other a 2-drawer round oak nighstand
Elm Nightstand with White Drawers & Round 2-Drawer Nightstand

You’ll definitely notice some overlap between Scandinavian bedroom furniture and mid-century bedroom styles. A minimalist white nightstand with tapered hairpin legs can be classified as both, and so can a sleek walnut-finish nightstand. You want to focus on natural materials to create a Scandinavian aesthetic in your bedroom. These furniture items could be used in various places in your home if you decide you want to switch things up, as well as reflective surfaces. 

What we love: We love the design concepts of “hygge” (coziness) and “lagom” (balance) that influence Scandinavian design. Creating comfort, balance, and harmony in your bedroom and home is better for your overall well-being. Whether you choose a nightstand with drawers or a simple bedside table, we hope your bedroom oasis feels cozy and balanced.

Coastal Nightstands

Relaxed and breezy like your beach vacation, coastal nightstands are typically made using natural materials such as rattan, wood, bamboo, or even reclaimed driftwood—what could feel more coastal than that?! These are the ultimate for a casual, relaxing interior aesthetic, whether you’re designing an actual beach house or wanting to recreate that feeling year-round at home. 

rustic nightstand with rope drawer pull and basket on nightstand shelf & blue-grey nightstand with rattan drawer and cabinet door; modern bedside cabinets for coastal home decor
Coastal 1-Drawer Nightstand & Blue-Grey Nightstand with Rattan Drawer

A coastal nightstand is the perfect place for your beachy bedtime essentials. Natural materials and weathered finishes are often complimented by rope accents, seashell motifs, and nautical stripes. You will also notice handcrafted or artisanal details that add to the charm of a coastal nightstand. For example, a wicker nightstand made from rattan, bamboo, willow, or synthetic fibers adds to the airy, natural appeal of your bedroom design. 

What we simply adore: Combining wooden furniture with woven seagrass baskets or rattan drawers and doors is a fun way to mix materials in home decor. It’s wild that a simple piece of furniture can make you feel like you’re at the beach, but some beautiful coastal nightstands give you exactly that feeling. We love the charm of this off-white wooden nightstand with seagrass baskets or the wave design of this wooden shipyard blue nightstand. The natural details feel as soothing as waves crashing onto the sand. 

Dresser and Nightstand Bedroom Sets

If you don’t want to figure out what coordinates on your own, then a matching dresser and nightstand set is definitely the way to go. Many people like Ikea’s bedroom sets, which typically come with a bedframe and two nightstands. However, it’s common to find sets online that include matching dressers, too! A matching nightstand and dresser set takes all the guesswork out of coordinating bedroom furniture, and you can still choose a style you love. Win-win! 

white dresser and nightstand set; modern bedroom furniture; modern nightstand; transitional gray bedroom set with dresser and nightstand; light grey nightstand and dresser
White Bedroom Set & Platinum Gray Bedroom Set

A nightstand set of 2 is one of the most commonly sought-after sets for people who appreciate the symmetry and convenience of having two nightstands. You can place a lamp on each stand; two nightstands mean no arguing over storage space if each partner has their own, ideally anyway. A night stand and dresser set is often a budget-friendly option, perfect to get more bang for your buck—or more drawers for your dollar! 

What we love most: The unified aesthetic and simple design of a matching bedroom set. One of the best we’ve seen so far is this walnut-finish 5-piece bedroom set with Bluetooth speakers and mood lighting. It’s a one-click purchase for all your bedroom furniture—and you can save $777 on Spoken! 

Industrial Nightstands

An industrial nightstand is functional yet rugged, referencing the industrial design of the early 20th century. Unlike some other styles, industrial bedroom furniture doesn't have ornate details. Instead, it has minimalist details, which gives it its aesthetic appeal. You may notice—and love—a mixture of wood and metal or exposed hardware elements in these pieces. Combining whitewashed wood and metal, this nightstand is a simple bedside statement piece

Rustic Off-White Industrial Nightstand & Oval Nightstand with Marble Top

Industrial bedroom furniture has become increasingly popular recently, from creative entrepreneurs to young adults in urban living spaces. Some industrial nightstands are made using repurposed or reclaimed materials, so if sustainability is important to you, this is a style you might love. From Baby Boomers to Gen Z, this is a popular style, but the people who like it most tend to find it nostalgic and appreciate the vintage or retro aesthetic of industrial nightstands. 

What we enjoy: If you like to distress or add other repurposed features to your furniture, an industrial nightstand can be the canvas for your next artsy DIY project. You can sand, stain, paint, or decoupage it. You can also add glass or leather furniture items to your bedroom to create an eclectic visual aesthetic. 

Farmhouse Nightstands

Natural woods and distressed finishes are just as popular in farmhouse furniture styles as in urban industrial styles, but the details tend to lean more toward the rustic aesthetic. A farmhouse nightstand will fit beautifully beside your bed if you like handcrafted wood furniture, panel or slat detailing, and rustic hardware. A farmhouse nightstand's simple, rustic charm will make your bedroom feel cozier than you thought possible. 

rustic nightstand with shelf beneath for books & oak wood nightstand with lamp for rustic bedroom decor
Sindoori Mango Finish Nightstand & Rustic Weathered Oak Nightstand

A farmhouse’s style is often characterized by handcrafted furniture and antique design elements, such as old farm tools, barn doors, or antique styles. Warm, earthy colors and cool pastels make you feel nostalgic for what it must have felt like to be a farmer a hundred years ago. With the styles of an earlier time period and the modern conveniences of today, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. And a farmhouse nightstand is just the beginning. 

What we love: You can mix and match farmhouse furniture and decor with other popular styles to create a unique look you love. Other styles that go well with the farmhouse aesthetic are cottagecore, rustic furniture, modern, traditional, or transitional. So, when shopping for this style, you don’t have to feel pigeonholed into the farmhouse furniture category. Get creative by experimenting with different styles. Since we are talking about farmhouses, just make sure there isn’t an actual pigeonhole in your wall—unless you want it there! 

Shabby Chic Nightstands

Shabby chic interior design incorporates a little bit of everything, honestly. When we think of shabby chic, we envision distressed and weathered finishes, mixed materials, soft color palettes, feminine touches, and an eco-friendly design style. This style will add some character to your bedroom without too much extra thought. Notoriously loved by Gen X and Millennials, shabby chic is so cool that it transcends generational borders and is enjoyed by folks of all ages and stages.

boho chic two-drawer nightstand with dovetail joinery, decorative lamp, and carved matching headboard; sleek contemporary turquoise nightstand with gold drawer pull; contemporary nightstands and bedside tables
White Pine Nightstand with Drawers & Turquoise Acacia Wood Nightstand

Romantic floral prints, distressed wood, and a distressed feel are all characteristics of a shabby chic design style. The romance of it all makes it a is that you can create a shabby chic furniture design by sanding your style for a natural, airy-feeling bedroom. A simple painted white wood nightstand can be just as charming as an antique turquoise nightstand with one drawer. It’s all about the pieces you choose to accent them with! 

What we find lovely: You can create a shabby chic furniture design by sanding your solid wood furniture. Bedding and throw blankets with ruffles also accentuate your shabby chic design, as do vintage mirrors, photo frames, or light fixtures. Finally, fresh-cut flowers in a Mason jar or old pitcher combine the romance of nature with nostalgic decor items.

Bohemian (Boho) Nightstands

Like the shabby chic style, bohemian furniture is also vintage-inspired, natural, and handcrafted. However, the details tend to be a bit bolder and less understated. Bright pops of color and global-inspired patterns and designs are typical. If you like Moroccan, Indian, and Native American influences, as well as a variety of patterns and textures, a boho bedroom will suit you quite well. 

bohemian nightstand made of reclaimed wood; rustic nightstands; retro boho nightstand with rattan drawer faces and gold-tone handles for boho bedroom decor
Reclaimed Wood Nightstand & Wood and Rattan Nightstand

If you’ve had your eye on an Urban Outfitters nightstand—or other UO furniture items—then you’re probably attracted to a combination of boho design styles and eclectic, mid-century modern, and retro styles. Boho furniture fans tend to love Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, World Market, Wayfair, and Jungalow from Target. 

What we love: A set of two nightstands with intricate floral carvings in acacia wood and an eco-friendly sunburst nightstand are excellent examples of the craftsmanship and uniqueness of boho bedroom furniture. With vibrant wall tapestries, colorful flowers, woven rattan accents, plants, and other decorative objects, you can create a boho oasis in your bedroom—and we are here for it!

Floating Nightstands

Floating nightstands are modern and minimalist bedroom pieces that complement contemporary interior design themes. There are many reasons for people to prefer a small nightstand, including a desire to free up space and keep your bedroom clutter-free. If you need to save floor space in your bedroom or want a unique, minimalist design, may we suggest the floating nightstand? 

Gray oak floating nightstand with lamp; contemporary nightstands and bedside tables; white floating nightstand with turquoise lamp and flowers for contemporary home decor
Gray Floating Nightstand & White Floating Nightstand

A wall-mounted small nightstand can work wonders for saving space and creating your own look. With a floating bedside shelf or nightstand, you can choose the height of your nightstand. In addition to fitting modern and minimalist styles, floating nightstands mesh well with Scandinavian, industrial, and boho bed frames, dressers, and decorative items.

What we love most: A small nightstand or floating bedside shelf is helpful in a small home or apartment where you have to be mindful of every square foot. If you have a small bedroom and aren’t sure that you even have space for a nightstand, see if there’s a way you can rearrange and make room for a floating nightstand. You can relax in style and enjoy storage within arm’s reach. 

Nightstands with Built-in LED Lighting

Built-in lighting can create a cozy, calming atmosphere in your bedroom. This modern style makes nightstands more functional and adds ambiance. A lighted nightstand is a favorite design for urban, contemporary, and high-tech homes and apartments.

vintage white and rustic oak transitional nightstand with built-in LED lighting; modern brown oak veneer nightstand with LED lighting
Transitional White and Brown Nightstand with USB & C-Shaped Nightstand with LED lighting

 LED light nightstands come in various styles, but most are modern or transitional and can seamlessly complement other bedroom furniture. A lighted nightstand typically offers storage in the form of a drawer or shelf, but the lights help you find what you’re looking for in the dark. A motion-activated night light for the bedroom—yes, please! 

What we love: These built-in lights are convenient and discreet. You can hardly tell that lighting is built into many lighted nightstand options today. We love this new technological advancement for the bedroom, especially when reaching for our glasses, remote, or tissues at night. 

Smart Nightstands

Many lighted nightstand options (see above!) also have a game-changing feature—built-in USB ports. These ports are a lifesaver when you need to charge any number of gadgets at night, be it your phone, tablet, e-reader, or smartwatch. The convenience of having a piece of furniture that can charge your device is a modern marvel that was unimaginable a decade ago, yet here we are! 

Grey Nightstand with USB port & Wood Nightstand with Anthracite Finish

A bedside table or nightstand with a charging station is super popular because of its incredible convenience. A USB nightstand is practical and functional, especially for people who rely on keeping their devices within arm’s reach. For people who use a CPAP machine, a smart night table can provide added storage for a CPAP. These are all important considerations when choosing a smart night table or nightstand. 

What we appreciate: A bedside table with charging station—or a nightstand with USB ports—helps charge your portable electronic devices. Since the charging station is inside the cabinet, you don’t have to worry about the light of your devices disrupting your beauty sleep. 

Mirrored Nightstands

Mirrored furniture, a symbol of timeless elegance, has been considered stylish by many for centuries. While mirrored nightstands have a traditional appeal, they can also be a chic addition to modern or contemporary bedroom furnishing. If you like this style, you’re in good company! These nightstands are elegant and can make your bedroom appear brighter and more spacious, adding a touch of luxury to your space. 

metallic silvertone nightstand with beveled mirror accents, LED nightlight, and USB charging ports; chic industrial mirrored nightstand with antique brass accents
Contemporary Silver Nightstand with Mirrors & Mirrored 3-Drawer Nightstand

A mirrored bedside table or cabinet is an excellent choice for smaller bedrooms because it creates the illusion of added space. Whether you like traditional furniture styles or need the perfect nightstand to complete your Art Deco bedroom, different styles of mirrored nightstands are perfect for every design whim. 

What we admire: Mirrored nightstands can also be a perfect addition to a glam-style bedroom. A mirrored nightstand with crystal accents can make a funky and feminine statement for all ages. A similar, yet perhaps more sophisticated, option is the mirrored nightstand with pearl inlay accents. Either way, these mirrored pieces are your ticket if you want to add elegance and glamour to your bedroom. 

Storage Nightstands

You’ve probably already noticed that storage nightstands come in all the styles and sizes we have shared in this guide so far. However, this category is important to cover because storage is essential for creating a serene and uncluttered bedroom environment.

chic transitional nightstand with polished silver drawer pulls & farmhouse white bedside chest with antique brass hardware, planked details, and tobacco top
Transitional White Wood Nightstand & Antique Bedside Storage Chest

A storage nightstand may have one, two, or three drawers, or you may find a larger bedside table cabinet that meets your storage needs. A single-drawer nightstand can hold a few nighttime necessities, while a two-drawer nightstand has more storage room for chargers, books, little souvenirs, and more. Of course, a bedside table cabinet also provides storage space, typically in one larger compartment. 

Pro tip: Always check the measurements of any cabinet or chest of drawers you purchase online to ensure they are the right size for everything you need to store inside. 

What we love: One of the most popular styles of storage nightstands is the black 3 drawer nightstand. It’s classic, effortless, and can accompany most other furniture styles—definitely other black furniture items, if all else fails. A couple of our favorite black three drawer nightstand styles that we’ve found—for less!—include a modern minimalist three-drawer nightstand and a sleek industrial-style black metal nightstand with 3 drawers. We know you’ll love them, too! 

Antique Nightstands

Authentic antique nightstands are typically at least 100 years old and extra special because of their history. Their handcrafted details, quality materials, and joinery techniques speak of a time when fast furniture wasn’t even conceived of, which adds to the character and value of these pieces. Of course, antique-style nightstands have also been crafted in similar styles, borrowing at least some of the traditions of antique furniture crafting.

elegant antique style nightstand with French style front and scrolled legs & luxurious cherry brown nightstand with genuine marble top; antique nightstands with felt-lined top drawers
Vintage Oak 3-Drawer Nightstand & Transitional Marble-Top Nightstand

If you’re looking for an authentic antique nightstand, check out an estate sale, antique shop, or the Facebook marketplace. You can also ask friends and family if they know of anyone who is looking to part with antique furniture. However, if it’s the antique aesthetic you’re after, you can search for nightstands with antique drawer pulls or handles. Many will have decorative moldings, carved legs, and other ornate features that are uncommon in mass-produced furniture. 

What we love: Genuine antique furniture often functions more as a collector’s item than as a functional piece of furniture. However, a newly crafted antique-style nightstand, like this one with a classic floral pattern or this one with the cabriole legs and scalloped edges, can offer storage that you’re less afraid to use or break. You can enjoy the beauty of quality antique furniture with these newly made styles, which will complement your collector’s items beautifully. 

Kids' Nightstands

Kids’ nightstands are important for bedside storage and as a surface to place a lamp or nightlight. As a kid, I kept my McDonald’s toys inside my nightstand drawer and my nightlight on top—all the essentials, of course! A nightstand is the perfect place for little ones to keep tissues, a glass of water, their favorite books, and any other bedtime essentials. 

enchanting white lighted nightstand in kid's bedroom beside laundry basket and bed & blue, pink, and purple tie dye nightstand with two drawers next to kids' bed
Lighted Kids Nightstand & Pastel Tie Dye Nightstand

Many styles of nightstands are suitable for kids. You may find anything from a small nightstand to a tall, narrow bedside table. However, safety is one of the most important things to consider when choosing furniture for kids. You want to look for rounded edges, non-toxic materials, and sturdy pieces that won’t easily tip over. Select an appropriate height for your child to reach from their bed, and ensure that drawers or doors can be easily opened without pinching little fingers. 

What we enjoy: Colorful designs are ideal for kids, like a pastel pink nightstand with nickel drawer pulls, perfect for your little girl’s room. A yellow storage nightstand can add a splash of sunshine to your little one’s room. If you’re decorating on a budget, you can consider finding a solid wood nightstand from a garage sale or Facebook marketplace and upcycling it together in their favorite color. It will bring joy and memories for years to come! 

Why do I need a nightstand?

A nightstand, especially two on either side of the bed, helps to add symmetry and balance the aesthetic in your bedroom. Nightstands offer storage solutions to keep your bedroom tidy and allow you to reach necessities easily. Many nightstands also offer the added convenience of built-in charging stations and storage space. 

What is the difference between a bedside cabinet and a bedside table?

A bedside cabinet or a bedside table are popular alternatives to traditional nightstands. Sometimes, you will see nightstands called bedside tables or cabinets. However, the most significant difference is the amount of storage space in a bedside table vs. a bedside cabinet. 

Modern bedside cabinets are ideal for items you want to keep close but not visible, including electronics, chargers, medications, medical devices such as a CPAP machine, or anything else that needs space in your room. They tend to have cabinet doors or drawers and more storage room than a bedside table.

A bedside table can be used as a small nightstand, but it doesn’t actually have to be one. You can use an accent table as a bedside table in your bedroom. A bedside table tends to be less bulky and often smaller than a cabinet, allowing you to keep nighttime necessities within arm's reach and adding visual balance to your bedroom.

The most popular nightstand styles are modern and contemporary, mid-century modern, industrial, and Scandinavian. These styles often complement other bedroom furniture. 

Modern and contemporary nightstands have unique features that make them popular, including aesthetic appeal, versatility, practicality, durability, tech integration, and sustainable options.

Where do people usually buy nightstands?

People usually purchase nightstands from various retailers online and in person. These include: 

  • Physical stores are ideal for people who appreciate shopping for furniture in real life. Popular furniture stores include IKEA, Ashley Furniture, and Ethan Allen. 
  • Specialty furniture stores, such as Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, and West Elm, offer high-quality, unique furniture options in various popular styles. 
  • Online retailers offer a wide range of nightstands at different price points. The most popular sellers include Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock, Etsy, and
  • Big box retailers—like Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco—provide affordable nightstand options in many popular styles. You can compare prices on many pieces from these stores on Spoken. 
  • Secondhand and vintage shops can be treasure troves! If you are looking for a nightstand to upcycle in your favorite shabby chic style or refinish a nightstand for your children, you can almost certainly find a solid nightstand here. 
  • Another way to purchase nightstands is directly from the manufacturer. Walker Edison nightstands are popular and cost less when you buy directly from the manufacturer. Sauder and Ameriwood Home also sometimes sell directly from their websites. 
  • Home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s also offer great nightstand deals. Many of our best deals on Spoken come from home improvement stores! 

Wherever you find the new nightstand you love, we hope it makes your bedroom feel dreamier—by day and by night.


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